Cicis Adds Flatbreads to Unlimited Buffet

Cicis Offers More to Explore, Adds Flatbreads to Unlimited Buffet

Cicis pioneered the concept of exploring unlimited pizza, pasta, soup, salad and dessert with its value buffet. Now that adventure has widened to new flavorful landscapes – three, to be exact.

Beginning today there’s even more flavor to explore with Cicis all new Flatbread Pizzas, part of the unlimited buffet at more than 450 locations nationwide. Each of these three new flavors has a unique personality to match your own:
  • Chicken Bacon Club – For those with a chill attitude, this flavor offers real cheddar cheese, premium chicken, crispy bacon and bruchetta tomatoes with a zesty parmesan ranch.
  • Spinach Alfredo – Refined individuals will savor this flavor with its spinach topping blended with creamy alfredo sauce and topped with real cheese.
  • Honey BBQ Chicken – Those who have a wild side but are tender and sweet at heart will love the premium chicken, real cheddar cheese and sliced red onion drizzled with a new honey BBQ sauce.
Cicis guests can start exploring the new flavors today and beyond. All three Flatbread Pizzas are bursting with flavor and are now a permanent addition to the Unlimited Pizza Buffet.

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